“Upstairs At Eric’s” by Yazoo - album review

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TJR says

Following two smash hits, the debut album from the duo was released in August, 1982, by which time they lined-up: Vince Clarke (22, instrumentation) and Alison Moyet (21, vocals, piano). Fed up with the hullabaloo, the razzmatazz and his bandmates, Vince Clark had departed Depeche Mode at the end of 1981 and, with a commendable degree of pragmatism, got to work on his next project without breaking stride. One advert in Melody Maker was all it took to rekindle an old connection: “I wrote the song 'Only You' but needed someone to demo it with. Alison happened to be advertising in a local paper so I called her. She sang the song beautifully and made it sound exactly as I'd had it in my head.” As fate would have it, the two already knew each other from school, and Vince had seen Alison play in punk / R n B bands in local venues. “Only You” was in the shops by March, 1982 - this boy wasn't hanging about. It gave them a massive #2 hit, beyond anything Depeche Mode had achieved so far. The follow up, “Don’t Go”, also went Top 3, and the public were clearly taken by the striking pair, one sullen one bold, and their super-fresh pop sound of now.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:08] 6.6.png Yazoo - Don’t Go (Vince Clarke) Pop
A2 [03:14] 4.7.png Yazoo - Too Pieces (Vince Clarke) Pop
A3 [03:20] 7.4.png Yazoo - Bad Connection (Vince Clarke) Electronica
A4 [04:36] 3.3.png Yazoo - I Before E Except After C (Vince Clarke) Avant-Garde
A5 [04:22] 6.0.png Yazoo - Midnight (Alison Moyet) Pop
A6 [03:52] 5.5.png Yazoo - In My Room (Vince Clarke) Electronica
B1 [03:14] 9.4.png Yazoo - Only You (Vince Clarke) Pop
B2 [02:35] 5.8.png Yazoo - Goodbye 70’s (Alison Moyet) Electronica
B3 [03:22] 4.9.png Yazoo - Tuesday (Vince Clarke) Electronica
B4 [04:06] 6.4.png Yazoo - Winter Kills (Alison Moyet) Songwriter
B5 [04:40] 5.2.png Yazoo - Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I) (Alison Moyet) Pop

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