“Songs To Grow Onː Volume One - Nursery Days” by Woody Guthrie - album review

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TJR says

Woody Guthrie wrote more songs in his lifetime than most people ever sing. Fortunately, he also found time to turn his attentions towards writing songs especially for parents and children. The lovely thing about these nursery-rhyme-like songs is that they display a refreshing lack of sentimentality, abounding instead with a sense of "let’s get loose" fun. Guthrie clearly understands the special relationship between parent and child. He always keeps the emotional tone honest and in the moment. These songs are never heavy, but the power of these miniatures is far from lightweight. Guthrie accompanies himself on acoustic guitar or with drums on the tabletop! The feeling of spontaneity and exuberance in these stripped-down performances exemplifies the folk stance that not only "anyone can sing" but "everyone should sing."

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:10] 5.2.png Woody Guthrie - Wake Up (Woody Guthrie) Folk
A2 [03:01] 5.1.png Woody Guthrie - Clean-O (Woody Guthrie) Folk
A3 [02:15] 4.2.png Woody Guthrie - Dance Around (Woody Guthrie) Folk
A4 [01:52] 7.1.png Woody Guthrie - Car Song (Woody Guthrie) Folk
A5 [02:27] 4.1.png Woody Guthrie - Don’t You Push Me Down (Woody Guthrie) Folk
A6 [02:50] 3.3.png Woody Guthrie - My Dolly (Woody Guthrie) Folk
B1 [02:55] 4.2.png Woody Guthrie - Put Your Finger In The Air (Woody Guthrie) Folk
B2 [02:17] 4.5.png Woody Guthrie - Come See (Woody Guthrie) Folk
B3 [02:28] 4.8.png Woody Guthrie - Race You Down The Mountain (Woody Guthrie) Folk
B4 [01:45] 5.7.png Woody Guthrie - How Doo Doo (Woody Guthrie) Folk
B5 [01:58] 4.3.png Woody Guthrie - Merry Go ‘Round (Woody Guthrie) Folk
B6 [01:49] 4.8.png Woody Guthrie - Sleepy Eye (Woody Guthrie) Folk

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