“London Town” by Wings - album review

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TJR says

Same quintet for the third album in a row, namely Paul McCartney (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion, violin, flageolet, recorder), Denny Laine (guitar, bass, flageolet, recorder, percussion, backing vocals), Linda McCartney (keyboards, percussion, backing vocals), Jimmy McCulloch (guitar, percussion) and Joe English (drums, percussion, harmonica, backing vocals). The post-Beatles McCartney story goes from bad to worse on this one, the worst yet, with such embarrassments as “London Town”, “Girlfriend” and “With A Little Luck” sounding as soft as marshmallow.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:10] 1.5.png Wings - London Town (Paul McCartney, Denny Laine) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
A2 [03:25] 3.7.png Wings - Cafe On The Left Bank (Paul McCartney) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
A3 [02:44] 4.0.png Wings - I’m Carrying (Paul McCartney) Songwriter
A4 [01:09] 3.3.png Wings - Backwards Traveller (Paul McCartney) Pop
A5 [01:59] 3.0.png Wings - Cuff Link (Paul McCartney) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
A6 [02:22] 3.3.png Wings - Children Children (Paul McCartney, Denny Laine) Pop
A7 [04:39] 1.0.png Wings - Girlfriend (Paul McCartney) Pop
A8 [03:02] 3.8.png Wings - I’ve Had Enough (Paul McCartney) Rock
B1 [05:45] 1.3.png Wings - With A Little Luck (Paul McCartney) Pop
B2 [03:36] 4.5.png Wings - Famous Groupies (Paul McCartney) Folk Rock / Americana
B3 [04:17] 3.0.png Wings - Deliver Your Children (Paul McCartney, Denny Laine) Folk Rock / Americana
B4 [03:07] 2.0.png Wings - Name And Address (Paul McCartney) Country
B5 [04:34] 2.9.png Wings - Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Paul McCartney, Denny Laine) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
B6 [06:25] 4.5.png Wings - Morse Moose And The Grey Goose (Paul McCartney, Denny Laine) Rock

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