“Call Me Burroughs” by William S. Burroughs - album review

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Recorded in Paris, at the behest of an English Bookshop owner there, this was an unusual album of Burroughs reading extracts from his novels; 2 from “Naked Lunch” (1959), 1 from “The Soft Machine” (1961) and 5 from “Nova Express” (1964). In his reissue liner notes, Barry Miles said: “At the height of the '60s, Call Me Burroughs was an essential record. The Beatles all had copies - Paul McCartney included Burroughs on the sleeve of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Art dealer Robert Fraser bought ten copies to give to friends such as Brian Jones and Mick Jagger. Marianne Faithful and Keith Richards' dealer had copies, as did numerous painters and writers.

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A1 [06:25] 5.1.png William S. Burroughs - Bradley The Buyer (William S. Burroughs) Storytelling
A2 [04:56] 5.3.png William S. Burroughs - Meeting Of International Conference Of Technological Psychiatry (William S. Burroughs) Storytelling
A3 [06:59] 5.5.png William S. Burroughs - The Fish Poison Con (William S. Burroughs) Storytelling
A4 [01:24] 5.0.png William S. Burroughs - Thing Police Keep All Board Room Reports (William S. Burroughs) Storytelling
A5 [04:15] 5.4.png William S. Burroughs - Mr. Bradley Mr. Martin Hear Us Through The Hole In Thin Air (William S. Burroughs) Avant-Garde
B1 [06:38] 6.0.png William S. Burroughs - Where You Belong (Rewrite) (William S. Burroughs) Storytelling
B2 [10:47] 4.8.png William S. Burroughs - Inflexible Authority (William S. Burroughs) Storytelling
B3 [02:01] 6.6.png William S. Burroughs - Uranian Willy (Rewrite) (William S. Burroughs) Avant-Garde

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