“Rockin’ With Wanda” by Wanda Jackson - album review

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TJR says

“Well I've been to Nagasaki, Hiroshima too, the thing I did to them, baby, I can do to you”. Lord have mercy! “Fujiyama Mama” is an early album highlight as the lil’ Rockabilly Raver sets out her stall. Although a country girl at heart, she had a receptive Rock n Roll audience and this LP was completely theirs. Wanda has three self-penned tunes on-board, one of which, “Mean, Mean Man” is another highlight. Her whoops and hollers together with the hammered piano and repetitive riffage make for a route-one winner. It’s pretty much a solid set throughout, although the cutesy pop of “You’re The One For Me” and “Don’a Wan’a” are a bit of a let-down. Best track of the set is delivered at the very end; on “I Gotta Know” we get two sides of Wanda, country vs rockabilly, on the one tune. It’s great fun, and a memorable way to finish off this feel-good affair.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [01:46] 6.0.png Wanda Jackson - Rock Your Baby (Wanda Jackson) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
A2 [02:15] 6.6.png Wanda Jackson - Fujiyama Mama (Earl Burrows) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
A3 [02:04] 4.1.png Wanda Jackson - You’re The One For Me (Steve Rowland) Pop
A4 [02:18] 5.7.png Wanda Jackson - Did You Miss Me (Bobby Lord) Rock n Roll Ballad
A5 [02:18] 5.4.png Wanda Jackson - Cool Love (Vicki Countryman, Wanda Jackson) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
A6 [02:16] 6.1.png Wanda Jackson - Honey Bop (Glenn Reeves, Tommy Durden, Mae Boren Axton) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
B1 [02:41] 5.7.png Wanda Jackson - Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad (Don Raye, Daniel Barker) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
B2 [02:01] 5.8.png Wanda Jackson - Baby Loves Him (Wanda Jackson) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
B3 [02:13] 6.8.png Wanda Jackson - Mean Mean Man (Wanda Jackson) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
B4 [02:43] 5.4.png Wanda Jackson - You’ve Turned To A Stranger (Jack Rhodes, Freddie Franks) Country
B5 [02:16] 4.6.png Wanda Jackson - Don’a Wan’a (Boudleaux Bryant) Pop
B6 [02:30] 7.1.png Wanda Jackson - I Gotta Know (Thelma Ingram) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
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