“Lovin’ Country Style” by Wanda Jackson - album review

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TJR says

Released in 1962. Reissued as "Nobody's Darlin'" (Vocalion VL-73861) in 1968. All recordings are 7-8 years old, hence the "b-list" status.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:30] 5.0.png Wanda Jackson - Lovin’ Country Style (Hal Southern, Wayne West) Country
A2 [02:20] 4.8.png Wanda Jackson - Wasted (Wanda Jackson, Tom Jackson) Country
A3 [02:50] 6.3.png Wanda Jackson - Nobody’s Darlin’ But Mine (Jimmie Davis) Country
A4 [02:16] 5.3.png Wanda Jackson - I’d Rather Have A Broken Heart (Thelma Ingram) Country
A5 [02:26] 5.4.png Wanda Jackson - You Won’t Forget (About Me) (Wanda Jackson) Country
A6 [02:38] 7.0.png Wanda Jackson - If You Knew What I Know (Wanda Jackson) Country
B1 [02:23] 6.5.png Wanda Jackson - Tears At The Grand Ole Opry (Howard Vokes, Wanda Jackson) Country
B2 [02:34] 6.3.png Wanda Jackson - I Cried Again [single ’56] (Autry Inman) Country
B3 [02:27] 7.1.png Wanda Jackson - It’s The Same World (Wherever You Go) (Thelma Ingram) Country
B4 [02:23] 6.0.png Wanda Jackson - The Heart You Could Have Had (Joe Carson) Country
B5 [02:34] 5.7.png Wanda Jackson - The Right To Love (Tommy Collins) Country
B6 [02:28] 6.1.png Wanda Jackson - You’d Be The First One To Know (Wanda Jackson) Country
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