“The Kings Of Country” by Various Artists - album review

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Compiles extensively from the earlier albums.

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A1 [01:49] 7.1.png Johnny Cash - Country Boy [1957] (Johnny Cash) Country
A2 [03:02] 8.7.png Jerry Lee Lewis - Cold Cold Heart (Hank Williams) Country
A3 [02:36] 4.5.png Charlie Rich - Another Place I Can’t Go (Fred Tobias, Lee Pockriss) Country
A4 [02:42] 5.1.png Conway Twitty - Crazy Dreams (Ben Oakland, Herb Magidson) Country
A5 [02:18] 4.7.png David Houston - Sherry’s Lips (Bob Montgomery) Country
B1 [02:12] 6.5.png Johnny Cash - Born To Lose [1958] (Ted Daffan) Country
B2 [02:11] 6.6.png Jerry Lee Lewis - I Forgot To Remember To Forget (Stan Kesler, Charlie Feathers) Country
B3 [02:44] 4.6.png Charlie Rich - Long Long Way To Tennessee (Charlie Rich) Country
B4 [02:19] 5.9.png Carl Perkins - I Care (Carl Perkins) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B5 [01:54] 6.0.png Warren Smith - Tonight Will Be The Last Night (Warren Smith) Country
C1 [02:03] 6.6.png Johnny Cash - I Couldn’t Keep From Crying [1960] (Marty Robbins) Country
C2 [02:41] 6.0.png Jerry Lee Lewis - Someday (Webb Pierce, Sonny Curtis) Country
C3 [03:10] 3.8.png Charlie Rich - Time And Again (Charlie Rich) Country
C4 [02:45] 5.1.png Carl Perkins - Sweethearts Or Strangers [version 1] (Jimmie Davis, Lou Wayne) Country
C5 [02:05] 4.2.png Warren Smith - Who (Warren Smith, Stan Kesler) Country
D1 [01:52] 6.1.png Johnny Cash - Always Alone (Ted Daffan) Country
D2 [02:20] 4.0.png Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Rich - Sail Away (Charlie Rich) Country
D3 [02:24] 3.9.png Dane Stinit - Mean Eyed Cat (Johnny Cash) Country
D4 [02:28] 5.6.png Carl Mann - Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes (Slim Willet) Country
D5 [02:17] 3.7.png Charlie Rich - Ain’t It A Shame (Charlie Rich) Country
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