“Thala Thala” by Various Artists - album review

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TJR says

Rounding up some of the biggest selling South African sax jive instrumental singles of the last year or so with some inevitable gems. See notes below for a brilliant overview from historian, Nick Lotay.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:21] 7.0.png Sipho Bhengu and his alto sax - Isaluti (Sipho Bhengu, Shadrack Piliso) Africana
A2 [02:37] 7.6.png Marks Mankwane and his Shaluza Boys - Auwa-Auwa (Marks Mankwane) Africana
A3 [02:33] 9.1.png Mtabhane Ndima - Sea Water (Alfred Mthabane Ndima, Tom Vuma) Africana
A4 [02:30] 7.3.png Noah Nduweni and his sax - Awu Baphinde Nduweni (Noah Nduweni) Africana
A5 [02:54] 8.9.png Marks Mankwane and his Shaluza Boys - Marks Special No. 4 (Marks Mankwane) Africana
A6 [02:37] 7.2.png Marubini and his Hot Shots - Zibuyise Mfo (Marubini Jagome, Shadrack Piliso) Africana
B1 [02:30] 7.1.png Mtabhane Ndima - Emahlanzini (Mtabhane Ndima) Africana
B2 [02:44] 6.6.png Sipho Bhengu and his alto sax - Tickey Dopies (Sipho Bhengu, Shadrack Piliso) Africana
B3 [02:34] 5.9.png Big Voice Jack - Space Age (Aaron Jack Lerole) Jazz
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