“Modern Sax Stars” by Various Artists - album review

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TJR says

A fine LP of South African saxophone jive instrumentals, including the big hits, “Vala Nzimande” (by Abafana Bentuthuko) and 12-0-12 (by Bra Sello).

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:30] 6.9.png Bra Sello - Tycoon No.1 (Selby Mmutung) Africana
A2 [02:27] 7.0.png Abafana Bentuthuko - Buya Mvelase (Hansford Mthembu) Africana
A3 [02:20] 6.4.png Festus The Great - Pretoria Tycoons (David Khanyile) Africana
A4 [02:31] 7.1.png Bra Sello - 13-0-13 (Selby Mmutung) Africana
A5 [02:31] 6.7.png Abafana Bentuthuko - Tycoons No.2 (Hansford Mthembu) Africana
A6 [02:18] 6.5.png Festus The Great - Pinda Mzala (David Khanyile) Africana
B1 [02:36] 6.5.png Abafana Bentuthuko - Vala Nzimande (Hansford Mthembu) Africana
B2 [02:37] 6.8.png Bra Sello - 12-0-12 (Selby Mmutung) Africana
B3 [02:41] 6.6.png Festus The Great - Bhathathe American Jive No.3 (David Khanyile) Africana
B4 [02:25] 6.4.png Abafana Bentuthuko - Hot Chips (Hansford Mthembu) Africana
B5 [02:18] 5.7.png Bra Sello - Tycoons No.3 (Selby Mmutung) Africana
B6 [02:38] 6.2.png Abafana Bentuthuko - Woza American Jive No.2 (Hansford Mthembu) Africana
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