“Merengues From The Dominican Republic” by Various Artists - album review

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TJR says

On the New York indie Lyrichord, specialists in traditional and contemporary world music. The acoustic field recordings were made in 1977, captured in Santago, Santo Domingo and San Jose de la Matas. Produced and recorded by Verna Gillis, with assistance from Ramon D. Perez Martinez.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:58] 5.8.png Grupo Isaiah Henriquez - Si Una Mujer Llora (?) Latin
A2 [03:44] 5.8.png El Ciegito de Nagua - Una Mujer Me Dejo (?) Latin
A3 [03:12] 5.7.png Toño Abreu - Dolorita (?) Latin
A4 [03:10] 6.9.png Local Musicians Recorded In Santiago - Noche Me La Llevo (?) Latin
A5 [02:43] 5.6.png Local Musicians Recorded In Santiago - La Cruz De Pelo (?) Latin
A6 [03:29] 5.7.png La Macana - Alla En La Sabana (?) Latin
B1 [05:04] 5.8.png Nicolas Guitierres y su Grupo - Yo Soy El Negrito Aquel (?) Latin
B2 [03:54] 5.2.png Los Hermanos Martinez - Untitled (?) Latin
B3 [03:36] 5.3.png El Ciegito de Nagua - Hatillo Palma (?) Latin
B4 [03:34] 6.7.png Grupo de Bachata - Desiderio Arias (Julio Alberto Hernandez) Folk
B5 [03:25] 7.1.png Grupo de Bachata - La Cotorrita De Rosa (?) Folk
B6 [04:25] 5.7.png Grupo Isaiah Henriquez - Tu A Mi No Me Quieres Na (Da) (?) Latin
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