“2 Mabone, 6 Mabone” by Various Artists - album review

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TJR says

The front cover of this obscure - but nonetheless classic - compilation encapsulates an urban fad of the day in South Africa; the Chevy Impala with its distinctive headlights, or 'mabone' as the locals called it. The jive musicians cottoned on to this, and developed an effervescent sound to go with it, with violins, bells, percussion - and a whole lot of shouty men! For a time, there was a singles craze with umpteen mabones; from “2 Mabone” to “Jive Mabone 800” and a great many inbetween. This compile captures much of the brilliance from this period - read all about it in the excellent notes below by historian Nick Lotay.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:33] 9.5.png West Nkosi Nabashokobezi - Two Mabone (Rupert Bopape, Johannes Hlongwane) Africana
A2 [02:40] 8.9.png The Big Bag Boys - Shiluvani (Elias Shamba Lerole) Africana
A3 [02:28] 10.0.png West Nkosi Nabashokobezi - Marabi Bell "800" (Rupert Bopape, Johannes Hlongwane) Africana
A4 [02:50] 8.0.png Noise Khanyile and his violin - Five Mabone (Noise Khanyile) Africana
A5 [02:47] 7.5.png West Nkosi Nabashokobezi - Zola-Mndeni (Johannes Hlongwane) Africana
A6 [02:44] 9.6.png Marks Mankwane - Pokolo Special (Marks Mankwane) Africana
B1 [02:45] 7.5.png West Nkosi Nabashokobezi - Four Mabone (Rupert Bopape, Johannes Hlongwane) Africana
B2 [02:47] 7.2.png The Big Bag Boys - 6 Mabone (Elias Shamba Lerole) Africana
B3 [02:52] 8.7.png West Nkosi Nabashokobezi - Umthakathi "500" (Johannes Hlongwane) Africana
B4 [02:47] 9.0.png Noise Khanyile - Bra Joe (Noise Khanyile) Africana
B5 [02:39] 8.6.png West Nkosi Nabashokobezi - Platform "17" (Johannes Hlongwane) Africana
B6 [02:52] 9.1.png Marks Mankwane and his Shaluza Boys - Tonkana (Marks Mankwane, Elias Shamba Lerole) Africana
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