“T.B. Sheets” by Van Morrison - album review

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TJR says

The first Van Morrison that I owned was a bit of a naughty one, released without his permission, a sketch which seems to have plagued him over the years. Unfortunate background aside, it is an excellent representation of his glorious 1967 sessions with Bert Berns in New York, recorded in March and December of that year. 5 of the 8 appeared on his debut album, “Blowin’ Your Mind!”, in '67, whilst early (previously unreleased) versions of “Madame George” and “Beside You” reveal the pre-Astral-Weeks sketches. Also includes “It’s All Right” which had first appeared on the dubiously titled “The Best Of Van Morrison” in 1970. He likes to squeeze out the vaults does Bert.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [05:01] 9.9.png Van Morrison - He Ain’t Give You None (George Ivan Morrison) Soul Ballad
A2 [06:06] 7.9.png Van Morrison - Beside You [original ’67 take] (George Ivan Morrison) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A3 [05:01] 8.7.png Van Morrison - It’s All Right (George Ivan Morrison) Soul Ballad
A4 [05:18] 9.7.png Van Morrison - Madame George [original ’67 take] (George Ivan Morrison) Soul Ballad
B1 [09:34] 9.4.png Van Morrison - T.B. Sheets (George Ivan Morrison) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B2 [05:17] 7.6.png Van Morrison - Who Drove The Red Sports Car? (George Ivan Morrison) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B3 [03:00] 6.8.png Van Morrison - Ro Ro Rosey (George Ivan Morrison) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B4 [03:00] 6.9.png Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl (George Ivan Morrison) Pop

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