“Tom Paxton 6” by Tom Paxton - album review

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TJR says

The sixth album from the 36-year-old Chicagoan, a bit of a hit and a miss for me, but with some great stuff to commend it. “Annie’s Going To Sing Her Song” is probably about a pub singer, but makes me think of the auld party gathering with friends and family; Annie's not technically gifted, but she's game: “You never heard it sung before, I hear it twice a month or more, Complete with tears and sheepish grins, It only lacks the violins”. Lovely. Over on side two, “Cindy’s Cryin’” is a tearjerker of the country-tragedy ilk, about a hopeless heroin-addled hooker: “On Bleecker Street, Honey, makes you feel like cryin', You said you'd leave it and I hope you're tryin', Oh, they call it livin', and it feels like dyin'”. The best of the lot is saved 'til last with the classic “Jimmy Newman”, an anti-war song which tells the tragic tale of a young soldier losing his buddy before his eyes, culminating in a dramatic Brel-esque finale: “A joke is a joke but there's nothing to gain, Jim I'd slap you but I'm too weak to rise, Get up damn it Jimmy you're missing the plane, And you've only to open your eyes”. Now that's songwriting, what a pen.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:34] 5.4.png Tom Paxton - Whose Garden Was This [album version ’70] (Tom Paxton) Songwriter
A2 [03:00] 2.8.png Tom Paxton - Forest Lawn (Tom Paxton) Crooner / Cabaret
A3 [03:02] 7.4.png Tom Paxton - Annie’s Going To Sing Her Song (Tom Paxton) Folk
A4 [02:51] 4.8.png Tom Paxton - Dogs At Midnight (Tom Paxton) Country
A5 [02:29] 4.5.png Tom Paxton - Molly Bloom (Tom Paxton) Jazz
A6 [03:00] 4.7.png Tom Paxton - Angeline Is Always Friday (Tom Paxton, Bruce Woodley) Songwriter
B1 [02:41] 5.1.png Tom Paxton - Crazy John (Tom Paxton) Country
B2 [03:25] 7.0.png Tom Paxton - Cindy’s Cryin’ (Tom Paxton) Songwriter
B3 [03:39] 6.7.png Tom Paxton - I’ve Got Nothing But Time (Tom Paxton) Songwriter
B4 [03:28] 5.1.png Tom Paxton - Saturday Night (Tom Paxton) Crooner / Cabaret
B5 [04:06] 5.7.png Tom Paxton - Uncle Jack (Tom Paxton, David Horowitz) Songwriter
B6 [02:43] 9.4.png Tom Paxton - Jimmy Newman [album version ’70] (Tom Paxton) Folk

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