“The Angry Young Them” by Them - album review

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TJR says

Although LP liner notes often talked rubbish in the 60s, the back of this one noted: “These five young rebels are outrageously true to themselves. Defiant! Angry! Sad! They are honest to the point of insult!” In real-life the general sentiment was indeed that they were “boorish” lads. The line up at the time of release (for what it’s worth) was: Van Morrison (19, vocals, harmonica, tenor sax); Peter Bardens (20, keyboards); Billy Harrison (22, guitar); Alan Henderson (20, bass) and Pat McAuley (21, drums, piano, harmonica). Inter-group relationships were notoriously fragile and would change so frequently that not even the musicians themselves can remember who played what, where and when. What was unmistakable, always, was the confident soul-rock croon of Van Morrison. Despite their notorious “Anti-Top-of-the-Pops” / “Anti-Reporters” antics, Them were successful on their own terms, and this debut LP stands as a fine document of their Belfast brand of blues rock. Side 1, although full of solid numbers, is dominated by “Gloria”, the classic b-side to their 1964 single “Baby, Please Don’t Go”. It’s their “Louie Louie” and it will stand forever and a day as their teenage kicks anthem. Side 2 proves to have more strength in depth. Particularly fine are “I’m Gonna Dress In Black” – an organ-led mid-paced cracker which owes much to the Animals rendition of “House of the Rising Sun” – and “Bright Lights, Big City”, an up-tempo rocker which reimagines Jimmy Reed as if he were a member of the Animals. For all their prickly history, they were a terrific band and duds were virtually non-existent in their catalogue.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:41] 6.8.png Them - Mystic Eyes (George Ivan Morrison) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A2 [02:53] 6.9.png Them - If You And I Could Be As Two (George Ivan Morrison) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A3 [02:21] 6.4.png Them - Little Girl (George Ivan Morrison) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A4 [02:21] 7.3.png Them - Just A Little Bit (Earl Washington, John Thornton, Piney Brown, Ralph Bass, Sylvester Thompson) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A5 [02:48] 7.7.png Them - I Gave My Love A Diamond (Bert Russell, Wes Farrell) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A6 [02:38] 9.8.png Them - Gloria (George Ivan Morrison) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A7 [02:21] 6.4.png Them - You Just Can’t Win (George Ivan Morrison) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B1 [02:39] 6.3.png Them - Go On Home Baby (Bert Russell, Wes Farrell) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B2 [03:23] 6.0.png Them - Don’t Look Back (John Lee Hooker) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B3 [03:35] 7.4.png Them - I Like It Like That (George Ivan Morrison) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B4 [03:34] 7.8.png Them - I’m Gonna Dress In Black (Tommy Kilpatrick, M. Howe) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B5 [02:30] 8.7.png Them - Bright Lights, Big City (Jimmy Reed) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B6 [02:00] 7.7.png Them - My Little Baby (Bert Russell, Wes Farrell) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B7 [02:22] 7.2.png Them - (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (Bobby Troup) Blues Rock / Soul Rock

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