“Begin Here” by The Zombies - album review

features in: (B-list) Album Chart of 1965(B-list) Album Chart of the 1960s

TJR says

Issued in March 1965. 9 of the 14 tracks had already featured on “The Zombies” LP across the Atlantic, hence the b-list status.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:07] 6.1.png The Zombies - Road Runner (Ellas Otha Bates) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A2 [02:17] 4.6.png The Zombies - Summertime (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward) Jazz
A3 [02:32] 4.9.png The Zombies - I Can’t Make Up My Mind (Chris White) Pop
A4 [01:51] 3.9.png The Zombies - The Way I Feel Inside (Rod Argent) Songwriter
A5 [02:08] 5.9.png The Zombies - Work ‘n’ Play (Ken Jones) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A6 [03:40] 7.7.png The Zombies - You Really Got A Hold On Me / Bring It On Home To Me (Samuel Cook, William Robinson) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A7 [02:25] 7.4.png The Zombies - She’s Not There (Rod Argent) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B1 [02:57] 5.5.png The Zombies - Sticks And Stones (Henry Glover, Titus Turner) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B2 [02:16] 6.0.png The Zombies - Can’t Nobody Love You (Phillip Mitchell) Rock n Roll Ballad
B3 [02:27] 5.4.png The Zombies - Woman (Rod Argent) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B4 [02:07] 5.6.png The Zombies - I Don’t Want To Know (Chris White) Pop
B5 [02:01] 6.3.png The Zombies - I Remember When I Loved Her (Rod Argent) Folk Rock / Americana
B6 [01:39] 5.8.png The Zombies - What More Can I Do (Chris White) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B7 [03:36] 5.1.png The Zombies - I Got My Mojo Working (Preston Foster) Blues / Rhythm n Blues

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