“Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful” by The Waitresses - album review

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TJR says

The B-52s meet Blondie via The Bodysnatchers in 22-year-old Chris Butler's vision, captured here on The Waitresses January '82 long-play debut. A handful of great tracks rise above the rest, including “No Guilt” straight from the off, a jaunty little ska number which introduces the album's star turn, Patty Donahue, whose nonchalent vocals render the work memorable. She's none-too-bothered about the break-up “I'm sorry but I don't feel too awful, it wasn't the end of the world” Her Shangri-Las-style spoken-word vocal at the end seals the cool deal. The sassy-funk of “I Know What Boys Like” gave them a Billboard hit (#62), and the album finishes strongly with “Go On” (am I a magnet for losers, a net for the helpless? sighs our girl) and “Jimmy Tomorrow”, a masterclass in deadpan sarcasm: “But I don't want to be somebody else's learning experience, Some rich kid's way to spend his allowance, I want magic in my real world, Some modern voodoo to make it work”. There is no cure for irony, thank God.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:46] 7.6.png The Waitresses - No Guilt (Chris Butler) Ska / Rocksteady
A2 [03:15] 5.7.png The Waitresses - Wise Up (Chris Butler) New Wave
A3 [05:21] 5.4.png The Waitresses - Quit (Chris Butler) New Wave
A4 [03:20] 5.4.png The Waitresses - It’s My Car (Chris Butler) Ska / Rocksteady
A5 [03:36] 5.3.png The Waitresses - Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? (Chris Butler) Pop
B1 [03:12] 7.9.png The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like (Chris Butler) New Wave
B2 [03:46] 5.4.png The Waitresses - Heat Night (Chris Butler) New Wave
B3 [02:57] 5.3.png The Waitresses - Redland (Chris Butler) Dubbeat
B4 [04:07] 5.9.png The Waitresses - Pussy Strut (Chris Butler) New Wave
B5 [02:55] 7.1.png The Waitresses - Go On (Chris Butler) New Wave
B6 [05:35] 8.7.png The Waitresses - Jimmy Tomorrow (Chris Butler) New Wave

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