“Ghost In The Machine” by The Police - album review

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TJR says

The fourth album for the fourth consecutive Autumn from the consistently decent London trio, now with greater emphasis on synthesizers and horns. It gave the group their third consecutive #1 album in the UK, where three succesful singles were issued: “Invisible Sun” (#2), “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” (#1) and “Spirits In The Material World” (#12). Despite all of this, guitarist Andy Summers wasn't entirely with the way the group was developing: “I have to say I was getting disappointed with the musical direction around the time of Ghost in the Machine. With the horns and synth coming in, the fantastic raw-trio feel—all the really creative and dynamic stuff—was being lost. We were ending up backing a singer doing his pop songs.” Aye aye, trouble at t'mill.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:59] 9.1.png The Police - Spirits In The Material World (Gordon Sumner) Ska / Rocksteady
A2 [04:22] 6.6.png The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Gordon Sumner) New Wave
A3 [03:44] 8.6.png The Police - Invisible Sun (Gordon Sumner) New Wave
A4 [02:52] 4.8.png The Police - Hungry For You (J’aurais Toujours Faim De Toi) (Gordon Sumner) New Wave
A5 [05:57] 5.1.png The Police - Demolition Man (Gordon Sumner) New Wave
B1 [03:43] 4.8.png The Police - Too Much Information (Gordon Sumner) New Wave
B2 [03:10] 6.2.png The Police - Rehumanize Yourself (Gordon Sumner, Stewart Copeland) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B3 [04:47] 6.4.png The Police - One World (Not Three) (Gordon Sumner) Reggae
B4 [02:48] 4.7.png The Police - Ωmegaman (Andy Summers) New Wave
B5 [03:34] 5.0.png The Police - Secret Journey (Gordon Sumner) New Wave
B6 [03:14] 5.9.png The Police - Darkness (Stewart Copeland) Dubbeat

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