“Hard Rope And Silken Twine” by The Incredible String Band - album review

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TJR says

Three of the four remained from last years “No Ruinous Feud”, Gerard Dott not being involved this time around. Three new group members appeared as the new sextet lined-up: Mike Heron (acoustic and electric guitars, sitar, organ, piano, strings, vocals), Robin Williamson (acoustic guitar, oud, mandolin, electric fiddle, flutes, whistle, congas, vocals), Malcolm Le Maistre (vocals), Stan Lee (bass, steel guitar, synthesizer, vocals), Graham Forbes (electric guitar) and Jack Ingram (drums). Whilst they could never make a terrible album, this is a rather dull one. Also, having strange new vocals appear dilutes identity. The progressive 20 minute suite, “Ithkos” finishes in a wave of ELP-like pomp and it seems to me like they've lost the plot. Robin Williamson left almost as soon as the album was released, and that signalled the end for ISB at that time. No ruinous feud? Aye right…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [06:01] 4.6.png The Incredible String Band - Maker Of Islands (Mike Heron) Songwriter
A2 [05:46] 5.1.png The Incredible String Band - Cold February [live] (Robin Williamson) Folk
A3 [04:00] 4.1.png The Incredible String Band - Glancing Love (Malcolm Le Maistre, Mike Garson) Songwriter
A4 [05:20] 5.5.png The Incredible String Band - Dreams Of No Return (Robin Williamson) Folk
A5 [03:21] 4.4.png The Incredible String Band - Dumb Kate [live] (Mike Heron) Country
B [19:23] 4.9.png The Incredible String Band - Ithkos (Mike Heron) Prog

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