“Stay With The Hollies” by The Hollies - album review

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TJR says

Often perfunctory, this beat group do sparkle occasionally, and their debut offers tasteful covers of “You Better Move On” (Arthur Alexander, 1961) and “Whatcha Gonna Do ’Bout It” (Doris Troy, 1964).

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:05] 5.1.png The Hollies - Talking ‘Bout You (Charles Berry) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A2 [02:05] 5.2.png The Hollies - Mr. Moonlight (Roy Lee Johnson) Pop
A3 [02:44] 6.9.png The Hollies - You Better Move On (Arthur Alexander) Pop
A4 [02:24] 4.8.png The Hollies - Lucille (Richard Penniman, Albert Collins) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A5 [02:05] 5.2.png The Hollies - Baby Don’t Cry (Tony Hiller, Perry Ford) Pop
A6 [02:32] 5.8.png The Hollies - Memphis (Charles Berry) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A7 [02:11] 5.7.png The Hollies - Stay (Maurice Williams) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B1 [02:16] 4.0.png The Hollies - Rockin’ Robin (Leon René) Pop
B2 [02:18] 7.3.png The Hollies - Whatcha Gonna Do ‘Bout It (Doris Payne, Gregory Carroll, Rex Garvin) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B3 [02:10] 4.9.png The Hollies - Do You Love Me (Berry Gordy) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B4 [03:13] 4.3.png The Hollies - It’s Only Make Believe (Conway Twitty, Jack Nance) Rock n Roll Ballad
B5 [03:02] 4.4.png The Hollies - What Kind Of Girl Are You (Ray Charles Robinson, Glen Campbell, Jerry Neal Capehart) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B6 [01:58] 5.1.png The Hollies - Little Lover (Graham Nash, Allan Clarke) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B7 [02:27] 4.8.png The Hollies - Candy Man (Fred Neil, Beverly Ross) Blues / Rhythm n Blues

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