“Nature Planned It” by Four Tops - album review

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TJR says

I’m on a downer straight from the off as they croon away on “I Am Your Man” – straight away it’s clear this is not going to be for me. The Four Tops of 1972 are completely middle of the road with only occasional flickers of a decent funky groove. Once again producer Frank Wilson adds some subtle touches to try and keep things interesting, tom toms, flutes and sitars are buried in here, with occasionally tough-ass bass lines. There are not enough of these touches, and when they do appear they’re not prominent enough. We’re deeply in Supper Club Soul Revue territory here – it’s not a place I like to hang out…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:30] 3.4.png The Four Tops - I Am Your Man (Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson) Soul Ballad
A2 [03:50] 3.0.png The Four Tops - (It’s The Way) Nature Planned It (Pam Sawyer, Frank Wilson) Soul
A3 [02:43] 3.2.png The Four Tops - I’ll Never Change (Kathy Wakefield, Leonard Caston) Soul
A4 [02:54] 2.8.png The Four Tops - She’s An Understanding Woman (Willie Hutch) Soul
A5 [03:35] 4.6.png The Four Tops - I Can’t Quit Your Love (Kathy Wakefield, Leonard Caston) Soul
A6 [02:35] 3.9.png The Four Tops - Walk With Me, Talk With Me, Darling (John Glover, Clay McMurray, James Dean) Soul
B1 [07:14] 4.7.png The Four Tops - Medley: Hey Man / We Got To Get You A Woman (Renaldo Benson, Leonard Caston, Lawrence Payton, Frank Wilson - Todd Rundgren) Soul
B2 [02:38] 4.4.png The Four Tops - You Gotta Forget Him, Darling (Johnny Bristol, Wade Brown, David Henry Jones) Soul
B3 [02:50] 2.8.png The Four Tops - If You Let Me (Frank Wilson) Soul
B4 [02:56] 3.6.png The Four Tops - Happy (Is A Bumpy Road) (Pam Sawyer, Frank Wilson) Soul
B5 [02:47] 2.4.png The Four Tops - How Will I Forget You (Renaldo Benson, Al Cleveland, Lawrence Payton) Soul

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