“At Home With The Dubliners” by The Dubliners - album review

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TJR says

With the contract at Major Minor expired, Tommy Scott introduced his Dubliners boys to his pal Bill Martin, who, together with his song-writing partner Phil Coulter, were put at the helm on production duties for the group’s next four LP’s at EMI-Columbia. Not that they had much to do here – these free spirits are best left to get on with it, and simply play in their own style. Why change a winning formula? Those responsible for the album cover seemed to agree – it has The Dubliners sitting in front of the fireplace of the back room (known as the Tap Room) of The Wren’s Nest Public House in Dublin. Thankfully, some things just never change. The album opens with the unofficial national anthem “God Save Ireland” and we’re relieved to hear there’s to be no dilution of the group’s sense of national pride. Intriguingly, Bill Martin / Phil Coulter get a song-writing credit for the album’s highlight track – “The Molly Maguires”, which shines a light on the mid-19th century story of the secret organization of rebel coal miners in Pennsylvania. The album has a fair few unusual moments – James Joyce’s “Humpty Dumpty” is sung by Ronnie, a capella. It’s a fascinating insight into Joyce’s dream-speak, and yer man Ronnie brings the rhythm out loud. The genius / nonsense debate rages on. It’s neither – just thought provoking entertainment that doesn’t forget to laugh. Oliver Cromwell becomes Oliver Crumble! What’s not to love? :-) The album’s fantastic closer, “Saxon Shilling”, is sung by a breathless Luke – it’s excellence lies in its strangeness, not to mention an incredible set of lyrics. The music, very different for The Dubliners, is very much in an English folk vibe, and is set to a poem written by K.T. Buggy in the 1840s. And so The Dubliners finish the 1960s – with their ninth album the quintet show no signs of letting up as genre leaders and entertainers extraordinaire…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [01:55] 8.0.png The Dubliners - God Save Ireland (Timothy Daniel Sullivan) Folk
A2 [03:29] 7.2.png The Dubliners - Sam Hall (Traditional) Folk
A3 [02:17] 6.2.png The Dubliners - The Scholar / Tea-Totaller (Traditional) Folk
A4 [03:11] 6.4.png The Dubliners - Dainty Davy (Robert Burns, Ewan MacColl) Folk
A5 [02:29] 7.8.png The Dubliners - High Germany (Traditional) Folk
A6 [01:56] 7.3.png The Dubliners - Humpty Dumpty (James Joyce) Folk
B1 [01:59] 8.4.png The Dubliners - The Molly Maguires (Bill Martin, Phil Coulter) Folk
B2 [02:02] 6.6.png The Dubliners - Cuanla (Traditional) Folk
B3 [02:11] 6.7.png The Dubliners - Lowlands Of Holland (Traditional) Folk
B4 [03:07] 6.9.png The Dubliners - Ragtime Annie (Traditional) Folk
B5 [03:05] 7.8.png The Dubliners - Greenland Whale Fishery (Traditional) Folk
B6 [01:50] 8.3.png The Dubliners - The Saxon Shilling (K.T. Buggy) Folk

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