“Everybody Knows [usa]” by The Dave Clark Five - album review

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TJR says

The American version of “Everybody Knows” (Epic LN 24354) was released in the USA in January 1968, a month after the British version. It’s a fairly different set, much shorter for a start, with only 11 tracks as opposed to Britain’s 16. 8 of the tracks repeat from the British version, with an additional 3 including “Just A Little Bit Now”, “Red And Blue” and “Hold On Tight”. Leads off with the namby-pamby boy-band crooner “Everybody Knows”. Downer already. Picks up straight away with a rousing cover of The Majors “A Little Bit Now (A Little Bit Later)” re-titled here on the album as “Just A Little Bit Now”. It picks up where they left off with “You Got What It Takes”, what with it’s soaring brass and Mike’s effective soulful boom - he’s even got a neat line in backing girls, Raelettes style. The band come on all Spencer Davis Group. It augurs well… but as usual the rest of the album fails to resonate with this potential stylistic theme. They even get a bit Dylan with it on “Hold On Tight”. And so they go on, delighting and frustrating in equal measure…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:22] 4.2.png The Dave Clark Five - Everybody Knows [1967 song] (Les Reed, Barry Mason) Pop Ballad
A2 [02:43] 6.5.png The Dave Clark Five - A Little Bit Now (Edward Marshall, Jerry Ragovoy) Soul
A3 [02:25] 5.4.png The Dave Clark Five - At The Place (Dave Clark, Lenny Davidson) Pop
A4 [02:55] 6.9.png The Dave Clark Five - Inside And Out (Dave Clark, Mike Smith) Cerebral Pop
A5 [02:34] 5.0.png The Dave Clark Five - Red And Blue (Dave Clark, Lenny Davidson) Folk Rock / Americana
B1 [02:19] 3.6.png The Dave Clark Five - You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby (Harry Warren, Johnny Mercer) Pop
B2 [02:08] 4.8.png The Dave Clark Five - Good Love Is Hard To Find (Dave Clark, Mike Smith) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B3 [02:01] 5.2.png The Dave Clark Five - Lost In His Dreams (Dave Clark, Denis Payton) Pop
B4 [02:30] 6.8.png The Dave Clark Five - Concentration Baby (Dave Clark, Mike Smith) Proto-Punk
B5 [02:08] 6.7.png The Dave Clark Five - Hold On Tight (Dave Clark, Lenny Davidson) Folk Rock / Americana
B6 [02:38] 4.0.png The Dave Clark Five - I’ll Do The Best I Can (Dave Clark, Mike Smith) Pop Ballad
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