“Bugaloos” by The Bugaloos - album review

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TJR says

Childrens TV show soundtrack which strangely delivers on Carpenters / schlager type big pop productions, complete with strings and harmonies. The aural equivalent of fresh linen. I find it hard to imagine kids digging this. I guess you had to be there…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:13] 4.8.png The Bugaloos - If You Become A Bugaloo (Hal Yoergler) Pop
A2 [03:05] 4.1.png The Bugaloos - The Senses Of Our World (Hal Yoergler) Pop
A3 [02:31] 3.2.png The Bugaloos - For A Friend (?) Pop
A4 [02:44] 3.1.png The Bugaloos - Believe (Hal Yoergler) Pop
A5 [02:30] 3.8.png The Bugaloos - It’s New To You (Hal Yoergler) Pop
B1 [02:41] 5.0.png The Bugaloos - Fly Away With Us (Hal Yoergler) Pop
B2 [02:34] 4.0.png The Bugaloos - Older Woman (Hal Yoergler) Pop
B3 [03:04] 2.7.png The Bugaloos - Just The Memory Stays Around (Hal Yoergler) Songwriter
B4 [02:16] 1.0.png The Bugaloos - Gna Gna Gna Gna Gna (?) Pop
B5 [02:29] 0.7.png The Bugaloos - Castles In The Air (?) Pop
B6 [02:11] 1.3.png The Bugaloos - The Bugaloos (Theme Song) (Norman Gimbel, Charles Fox) Pop
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