“The Birthday Party” by The Boys Next Door - album review

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TJR says

The second and final Boys Next Door album serves as some sort of half-way house between the new wave pop of last years “Door Door” and the evil and scary Post-Punk vision of “Prayers On Fire” which would be The Birthday Party debut in 1981. This band are twisting and turning their art-form with an unstoppable urge to create something new, something challenging, very evident in their restless treatment of Gene Vincents “Cat Man”. In a word? Intriguing…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:43] 7.5.png The Boys Next Door - Mr Clarinet (Nick Cave) Post-Punk
A2 [02:48] 6.2.png The Boys Next Door - Hats On Wrong (Nick Cave) Post-Punk
A3 [04:04] 5.9.png The Boys Next Door - The Hair Shirt (Nick Cave) Post-Punk
A4 [02:48] 5.7.png The Boys Next Door - Guilt Parade (Rowland S. Howard) New Wave
A5 [02:47] 5.6.png The Boys Next Door - Riddle House (Rowland S. Howard) New Wave
B1 [04:21] 7.0.png The Boys Next Door - The Friend Catcher (Nick Cave) Post-Punk
B2 [02:16] 6.0.png The Boys Next Door - Waving My Arms (Nick Cave) New Wave
B3 [02:49] 7.3.png The Boys Next Door - The Red Clock (Rowland S. Howard) Post-Punk
B4 [02:28] 7.7.png The Boys Next Door - Cat Man (Vincent Craddock, William Douchette) Post-Punk
B5 [04:00] 6.7.png The Boys Next Door - Happy Birthday (Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Rowland S. Howard) Post-Punk

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