“Mondo Bongo” by The Boomtown Rats - album review

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TJR says

The fourth album in four successive years for the Rats who, try as they might, can't get near the high of “A Tonic For The Troops” in '78. Fair play to them for trying different things and pressing forward, athough I always find them to be at their best when they just focus on getting all dramatic with a dark tale and “This Is My Room” on side one gives me what I want in this regard: “I wake from sleep with little rest, It's 10 by 9 and in a mess, A window shut but facing west, A worn out rug, an old address, And This is my room, Yes This is my room, I often stay at home, I often sleep alone”. I don't know what it says about me that I enjoy such grimness but there you go. The best tracks of the set were the first two singles released from it, the ROI-leaders-bashing “Banana Republic” (#3) and “(The Elephant’s Graveyard (Guilty)” (#7) which digs at the complacent ones and their sin of sloth. Mind you, he'd soon be banging tables and asking them for their f**cking money, but that's a whole different story : - )

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:06] 4.9.png The Boomtown Rats - Mood Mambo (Bob Geldof, Pete Briquette) Alternative Dance
A2 [03:15] 5.5.png The Boomtown Rats - Straight Up (Bob Geldof) New Wave
A3 [03:35] 6.8.png The Boomtown Rats - This Is My Room (Bob Geldof, Simon Crowe) New Wave
A4 [02:35] 5.4.png The Boomtown Rats - Another Piece Of Red (Bob Geldof) Songwriter
A5 [03:52] 5.4.png The Boomtown Rats - Go Man Go! (Bob Geldof) New Wave
A6 [02:41] 6.2.png The Boomtown Rats - Under Their Thumb Is Under My Thumb (Bob Geldof, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, ) New Wave
B1 [03:34] 5.1.png The Boomtown Rats - Please Don’t Go (Bob Geldof) New Wave
B2 [03:43] 7.3.png The Boomtown Rats - The Elephant’s Graveyard (Guilty) (Bob Geldof) New Wave
B3 [04:55] 7.6.png The Boomtown Rats - Banana Republic (Bob Geldof, Pete Briquette) Reggae
B4 [02:26] 3.6.png The Boomtown Rats - Fall Down (Bob Geldof) Songwriter
B5 [03:05] 5.9.png The Boomtown Rats - Hurt Hurts (Bob Geldof) New Wave
B6 [03:43] 6.0.png The Boomtown Rats - Whitehall 1212 (Bob Geldof) New Wave

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