“Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys - album review

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TJR says

A strange old mixed bag of Beach Boys goodies (“Monster Mash” excepted), spanning 1963-1968.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:36] 8.4.png The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations (Brian Wilson, Mike Love) Cerebral Pop
A2 [02:25] 10.0.png The Beach Boys - Do It Again (Brian Wilson, Mike Love) Pop
A3 [01:49] 6.7.png The Beach Boys - Farmer’s Daughter (Brian Wilson, Mike Love) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A4 [02:05] 4.4.png The Beach Boys - Monster Mash [live ’64] (Bobby Pickett, Leonard L. Capizzi) Novelty
A5 [03:11] 7.7.png The Beach Boys - I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times (Brian Wilson, Tony Asher) Cerebral Pop
A6 [01:58] 6.4.png The Beach Boys - Salt Lake City (Brian Wilson, Mike Love) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B1 [02:26] 9.5.png The Beach Boys - Surfin’ USA (Brian Wilson, Charles Berry) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
B2 [01:57] 5.6.png The Beach Boys - Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow [live ’64] (Alfred Frazier, John Earl Harris, Carl White, Turner Wilson) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
B3 [02:19] 6.7.png The Beach Boys - With Me Tonight (Brian Wilson) Cerebral Pop
B4 [01:39] 6.2.png The Beach Boys - Finders Keepers (Brian Wilson, Mike Love) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B5 [02:06] 5.1.png The Beach Boys - When A Man Needs A Woman (Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson, Al Jardine, Steve Korthof, Jon Parks) Pop
B6 [02:29] 7.4.png The Beach Boys - Amusement Parks U.S.A. (Brian Wilson, Mike Love) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
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