“Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs” by The Astronauts - album review

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TJR says

Co-produced by the group and Grant Showbiz, who'd been making a name himself lately as producer with The Fall, Mark Perry and Androids Of Mu, the latter of which gave him an introduction to Mark Wilkins, command pilot of The Astronauts, although, as the songwriter would later wryly remark: “Confusion may have been a more evocative name for our merry combo”. For their debut long-player in 1981, seven are quoted in the line-up: Mark Wilkins (vocals), Dave Miller (guitar, backing vocals), Alan Cowley (guitar, backing vocals), Phil Thornton (keyboards, synth percussion, guitar, flute), Gordon Walker (synthesizer, violin, backing vocals), Max (bass) and Ian Cowley (drums, synth percussion). Additional players included: Bob Green (guitar) and Nik Turner (saxophone). After the revolution of 1976 anything seemed possible in music, most especially in England, and The Astronauts were right there in the new alternative. This was alt-pop, alt-folk, alt-songwriter, kinda like Ian Dury & The Blockheads. Only weirder. And a lot more lo-fi. Hardcore punks and intrigued hippies would turn up at the gigs much to the bemusement of each other; they were just the job to keep music moving forward. Vive le revolution.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [01:56] 7.3.png The Astronauts - Everything Stops For Baby (Mark Wilkins) Post-Punk
A2 [05:42] 6.3.png The Astronauts - Protest Song (Mark Wilkins) Songwriter
A3 [01:50] 5.3.png The Astronauts - Sod Us (Mark Wilkins) Novelty
A4 [02:13] 6.2.png The Astronauts - The Traveller (Mark Wilkins) Punk
A5 [05:34] 6.5.png The Astronauts - How Green Was My Valley (Mark Wilkins) New Wave
B1 [05:35] 8.5.png The Astronauts - Still Talking (Mark Wilkins) Post-Punk
B2 [05:34] 8.8.png The Astronauts - Baby Sings Folk Songs (Mark Wilkins) Alternative Folk
B3 [01:21] 6.1.png The Astronauts - How Long Is A Piece Of String (Mark Wilkins) New Wave
B4 [07:17] 6.8.png The Astronauts - Amplified World (Mark Wilkins) New Wave
B5 [02:52] 6.9.png The Astronauts - Midsummer Lullaby (Mark Wilkins) Alternative Country

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