“Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts” by The Adverts - album review

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TJR says

I keep reading stories about how these misfits couldn’t play to save themselves – a tale backed-up by themselves on their self-deprecating debut 45 “One Chord Wonders” – but all the evidence from their John Leckie-produced debut album suggests they must have been extremely quick learners, with no little talent. At the time of release in February ’78 the London-based quartet were: T.V. Smith (21, vocals); Gaye Advert (21, bass guitar, vocals); Howard Pickup (guitar, vocals) and Laurie Driver (drums). They were characterized by Tim Smith, the literate and energetic frontman, and Gaye Advert, his striking bass-playing girlfriend with big panda eyes. They had really made a good name for themselves by now, with 2 well-received Peel sessions and a few decent 45s, including the Top 20 hit, “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes”. Three of those ’77 sides – “One Chord Wonders”, “Bored Teenagers” and “Safety In Numbers” – make it onto the debut LP, along with their latest Top 40 hit, “No Time To Be 21”. All of these give the set a solid base to work from but, if truth be told, there is no filler; there’s plenty more where that lot came from, most notably with “On The Roof”, “On Wheels” and “Great British Mistake”. This is smart Punk for tasteful music fans.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:49] 8.7.png The Adverts - One Chord Wonders (Timothy Smith) Punk
A2 [01:44] 7.5.png The Adverts - Bored Teenagers (Timothy Smith) Punk
A3 [02:26] 6.6.png The Adverts - New Church (Timothy Smith) Punk
A4 [03:01] 7.6.png The Adverts - On The Roof (Timothy Smith) Punk
A5 [03:13] 6.4.png The Adverts - New Boys (Timothy Smith) Punk
A6 [03:45] 6.9.png The Adverts - Bombsite Boy (Timothy Smith) Punk
B1 [02:36] 6.3.png The Adverts - No Time To Be 21 (Timothy Smith) Punk
B2 [03:15] 6.8.png The Adverts - Safety In Numbers (Timothy Smith) Punk
B3 [02:18] 6.3.png The Adverts - Drowning Men (Timothy Smith) Punk
B4 [03:17] 8.2.png The Adverts - On Wheels (Timothy Smith) Post-Punk
B5 [03:47] 7.8.png The Adverts - Great British Mistake (Timothy Smith) Punk

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