“I’m Not Selling Out, I’m Buying In” by Swamp Dogg - album review

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TJR says

LOL! Check that cover! Swamp Dogg, black man standing tall on a boardroom table, bedecked in resplendent white suit, complete with matching top hat and cane. Once again he’s looking down on the bemused boardroom’s natural inhabitants – all of whom happen to be white men dressed in dark suits. I guess these are the “Low Friends in High Places, Just A Bunch Of Devil’s wearing angel faces” that he sings about in the album. Any wise words (and he has quite a few) completely lose their impact on me with the lame brand of funky session pop that’s on offer. Dire starter “Swamping Salutations” sets a fake Rock n Roll tone. Ouch. He’s turned into Meat Loaf? Any recovery from thereon is slight and not a single track packs a punch. It’s a sad day when the best thing about an album is its cover…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:02] 2.2.png Swamp Dogg - Swamping Salutations / Wine, Women And Rock ’N’ Roll (Jerry Williams Jr.) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
A2 [05:02] 3.7.png Swamp Dogg - It’s Just A Little Time Left (Jerry Williams Jr.) Pop
A3 [04:50] 3.2.png Swamp Dogg - The Love We Got Ain’t Worth Two Dead Flies (Jerry Williams Jr., Maurice McCormick, Obie Jessie, Yvonne Williams) Pop
A4 [04:28] 2.6.png Swamp Dogg - Low Friends In High Places (Jerry Williams Jr., Tony Davis) Pop
B1 [05:06] 4.5.png Swamp Dogg - A Hundred And … (Jerry Williams Jr.) Disco / Funk
B2 [04:04] 3.6.png Swamp Dogg - Total Destruction To Your Mind Once Again (Jerry Williams Jr., Tony Davis) Disco / Funk
B3 [04:24] 4.0.png Swamp Dogg - California Is Drowning And I Live Down By The River (Jerry Williams Jr., Yvonne Williams) Pop
B4 [03:29] 2.8.png Swamp Dogg - Sexy, Sexy, Sexy #3 (Jerry Williams Jr.) Disco / Funk

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