“Scared To Dance” by Skids - album review

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TJR says

Anythin’ Faye Fyffe can dae, these four fae Fife can dae better, ken? The fab-four on a quest to further Dunfermline’s bid to become the epi-centre of art-rock were: Richard Jobson (18, vocals, guitar); Stuart Adamson (20, guitar); Bill Simpson (21, bass guitar) and Tam Kellichan (24, drums). Both Jobson and Adamson were into Verlaine and Cohen and, almost inevitably, this informed their spiky brand of Art-Punk and the accompanying lyrics which, more often than not, were thoughtful and entertaining. There are at least four cracking anthems on this set – if there was any disappointment to report it was the fact that all of these had already seen the light of day as single sides; the all-time classic “Into The Valley” (the album’s lead single released in February ’79, just a week earlier than the LP), the excellent punker “Of One Skin” (from the “Wide Open” EP in ’78), “The Saints Are Coming” (the fantastic lead track from the same “Wide Open” EP) and “Charles” (from the “Skids” EP in ’78).

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:19] 9.8.png Skids - Into The Valley (Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson) Punk
A2 [03:17] 6.1.png Skids - Scared To Dance (Stuart Adamson) New Wave
A3 [02:26] 8.7.png Skids - Of One Skin (Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson) Punk
A4 [03:30] 6.4.png Skids - Dossier (Of Fallibility) (Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson) Post-Punk
A5 [03:02] 6.5.png Skids - Melancholy Soldiers (Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson) Punk
A6 [03:16] 5.8.png Skids - Hope And Glory (Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson) Punk
B1 [02:37] 8.0.png Skids - The Saints Are Coming (Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson) Punk
B2 [02:10] 6.4.png Skids - Six Times (Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson) Punk
B3 [04:02] 5.7.png Skids - Calling The Tune (Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson) Post-Punk
B4 [02:38] 6.3.png Skids - Integral Plot (Stuart Adamson) Punk
B5 [02:48] 8.8.png Skids - Charles (Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson) New Wave
B6 [04:42] 6.3.png Skids - Scale (Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson) New Wave

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