“Shamus O’Sean The Leprechaun” by Rolf Harris - album review

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TJR says

Side one is made up of live recordings, whilst side two compiles the EP “Rolf Harris and Shamus O'Sean the Leprechaun” (Columbia SEG-8508) which was also released in 1966.

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A1 [01:56] 6.4.png Rolf Harris - Football Crazy [live] (James Curran) Novelty
A2 [03:40] 4.8.png Rolf Harris - Maximillian Mouse [live] (Rolf Harris) Novelty
A3 [02:29] 4.0.png Rolf Harris - English Country Garden [live] (Cecil Sharp, Robert Jordan) Novelty
A4 [02:53] 3.7.png Rolf Harris - But The Cat Came Back [live] (Josef Marais) Novelty
A5 [03:02] 2.5.png Rolf Harris - Someone’s Pinched My Winkles [live] (Rolf Harris) Novelty
A6 [03:20] 2.6.png Rolf Harris - Six White Bloomers [live] (Rolf Harris, John D. Brown) Novelty
B1 [01:26] 2.4.png Rolf Harris - Shamus O’sean The Leprechaun (Rolf Harris) Novelty
B2 [01:50] 4.5.png Rolf Harris - A Smugglers Life (Rolf Harris) Novelty
B3 [02:18] 1.8.png Rolf Harris - The Boat At The Bottom Of The Sea (Rolf Harris) Novelty
B4 [01:50] 2.3.png Rolf Harris - A Leprechaun’s Life (Rolf Harris) Novelty
B5 [01:20] 2.5.png Rolf Harris - Up The Hill We Go (Rolf Harris) Novelty
B6 [02:03] 3.0.png Rolf Harris - The Poacher Of Bally-Slap-A-Dash-Muckery (Rolf Harris) Novelty
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