“Never A Dull Moment” by Rod Stewart - album review

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TJR says

“Never A Dull Moment” eh? He's living his best life, fair play to the man, but the 27-year-old's albums are already losing whatever rebel-friendly edge they had. As usual, good Faces mates have got his back with Ronnie Wood (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, pedal steel guitar, bass guitar) and Ronnie Lane (bass guitar). Alas, the mandolin, upright bass, steel guitar and violin are used more sparingly this time around. I can see the appeal (#1 in the UK, #2 in the US) but it's not really doing it for me.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:32] 5.0.png Rod Stewart - True Blue (Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood) Rock
A2 [03:57] 4.9.png Rod Stewart - Los Paraguayos (Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood) Folk Rock / Americana
A3 [04:29] 5.0.png Rod Stewart - Mama, You Been On My Mind (Robert Zimmerman) Folk Rock / Americana
A4 [04:54] 5.0.png Rod Stewart - Italian Girls (Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood) Rock
B1 [04:04] 5.7.png Rod Stewart - Angel (Jimi Hendrix) Rock
B2 [00:40] 4.3.png Rod Stewart - Interludings (Art Wood) Songwriter
B3 [04:22] 5.3.png Rod Stewart - You Wear It Well (Rod Stewart, Martin Quittenton) Rock
B4 [03:53] 5.7.png Rod Stewart - I’d Rather Go Blind (Billy Foster, Ellington Jordon) Soul Ballad
B5 [03:13] 4.5.png Rod Stewart - Twisting The Night Away (Samuel Cook) Blues Rock / Soul Rock

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