“The End Of An Ear” by Robert Wyatt - album review

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TJR says

Taking a beak from his busy schedule with Soft Machine, the 25-year-old Robert Wyatt delivered his first solo album at the tail end of 1970, a highly experimental free jazz affair, involving a whole lot of taped effects looping this way and that, alongside his wordless vocalisms, an art in themselves. He dares to be different, that's for sure.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [08:13] 4.6.png Robert Wyatt - Las Vegas Tango part 1 (Repeat) (Gil Evans) Avant-Garde
A2 [02:25] 4.8.png Robert Wyatt - To Mark Everywhere (Robert Wyatt) Avant-Garde
A3 [02:21] 4.0.png Robert Wyatt - To Saintly Bridget (Robert Wyatt) Jazz
A4 [02:09] 3.8.png Robert Wyatt - To Oz Alien Daevyd And Gilly (Robert Wyatt) Jazz
A5 [09:12] 5.1.png Robert Wyatt - To Nick Everyone (Robert Wyatt) Film Score / Incidental
B1 [05:20] 6.1.png Robert Wyatt - To Caravan And Brother Jim (Robert Wyatt) Trance Rock
B2 [03:17] 3.9.png Robert Wyatt - To The Old World (Thank You For The Use Of Your Body, Goodbye) (Robert Wyatt) Avant-Garde
B3 [02:46] 4.9.png Robert Wyatt - To Carla, Marsha And Caroline (For Making Everything Beautifuller) (Robert Wyatt) Songwriter
B4 [11:13] 6.0.png Robert Wyatt - Las Vegas Tango part 1 (Gil Evans) Avant-Garde

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