“Quicksilver” by Quicksilver - album review

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TJR says

Membership of the group continued to fluctuate; John Cipollina and Nicky Hopkins left after the chaotic recording experiences in Hawaii with the last album, whilst David Freiberg was jailed for marijuana possession in September, 1971. Duncan and Elmore were now the sole survivors from the original line-up. The quintet were now: Dino Valenti (guitar, vocals, flute, percussion), Gary Duncan (guitar, vocals), Mark Naftalin (organ, piano), Mark Ryan (bass) and Greg Elmore (drums, percussion). “I Found Love” provides an early surprise - it has a double hand-clapping feel-good pop-vibe landing somewhere in the Tommy James / Paul Revere spectrum. I like this surprise, they're pretty cool with this style. If that caught me off guard then “Rebel” nearly has me falling off my seat. It's a song about the Dixieland rebels, although with the amount of agitated whooping and hollering going on, you might easily mistake them for Apache, Arapaho or Mohawk! “I am a good ol' rebel, that's exactly what I am. For your damn land of freedom, I do not give a damn. Three hundred thousand yankees, lyin' dead on that southern dust. We got three hundred thousand, 'fore they got next to us. They died of the southern fever, O southern steel and shot. And I wish we'd got three million, more'n what we got. I can't take up my musket, follow them no more. But I ain't gonna level, (lay down/surrender/die) that's for got damn sure. And I don't want no pardon, for what I done and am. And I will not be reconstructed, and I do not give a damn!” The two best pieces on this album - the two biggest surprises - ensure the album registers as their best for me, against popular opinion.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:00] 5.0.png Quicksilver - Hope (Chester Powers) Rock
A2 [03:53] 7.0.png Quicksilver - I Found Love (Gary Duncan) Cerebral Pop
A3 [04:56] 3.8.png Quicksilver - Song For Frisco (Chester Powers) Rock
A4 [04:41] 3.3.png Quicksilver - Play My Guitar (Chester Powers) Rock
A5 [02:59] 8.5.png Quicksilver - Rebel (Chester Powers) Rock
B1 [03:09] 5.5.png Quicksilver - Fire Brothers (Gary Duncan) Songwriter
B2 [04:32] 5.3.png Quicksilver - Out Of My Mind (Chester Powers) Songwriter
B3 [05:10] 4.8.png Quicksilver - Don’t Cry My Lady Love (Chester Powers) Folk Rock / Americana
B4 [06:56] 4.0.png Quicksilver - The Truth (Chester Powers) Rock

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