“Pain In My Belly” by Prince Buster - album review

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TJR says

Blue Beat 804 - Same deal as Blue Beat 803… All new material, but not a proper Prince Buster album, another profile album for the label. Although his name is all over the sleeve as headline, only 4 tracks are from the Prince, with 8 tracks coming from other acts in the stable.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:29] 8.7.png The Maytals - Pain In My Belly (Cecil Campbell) Ska / Rocksteady
A2 [02:54] 8.2.png The Maytals - He Is Real (Frederick Hibbert, Henry Gordon, Nathaniel Mathias) Ska / Rocksteady
A3 [02:47] 6.3.png Tommy McCook - Cast Your Faith To The Wind (Vince Guaraldi) Ska / Rocksteady
A4 [03:37] 6.7.png Prince Buster - Faith (Cecil Campbell) Ska / Rocksteady
A5 [02:21] 8.0.png The Ska Busters - Georgia (T. Delta) Ska / Rocksteady
A6 [02:41] 6.8.png Prince Buster - Have Mercy (Cecil Campbell) Ska / Rocksteady
B1 [02:31] 7.2.png The Maytals - I Love You So (Frederick Hibbert) Soul
B2 [02:53] 5.1.png Eric Morris - Those Tear Drops (Eric Morris) Rock n Roll Ballad
B3 [03:52] 6.9.png Prince Buster’s All Stars - Chinaman Ska (Cecil Campbell) Ska / Rocksteady
B4 [04:01] 6.9.png The Skatalites - Super Charge (?) Ska / Rocksteady
B5 [02:38] 6.7.png Don Drummond - Ska Town (Don Drummond) Ska / Rocksteady
B6 [02:30] 4.5.png Prince Buster - Ska School (Cecil Campbell) Ska / Rocksteady

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