“Pretenders II” by Pretenders - album review

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TJR says

For “Pretenders II” the sussed four remain: Chrissie Hynde (vocals, rhythm guitar); James Honeyman-Scott (lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals); Pete Farndon (bass, backing vocals) and Martin Chambers (drums, backing vocals). By the standards of the day, the 19 month gap between their first two long-players seemed like an eternity for the fans, especially so in the UK where the debut had been a #1 hit. It finally arrived in August, 1981, and included two of the singles which were almost historical already, the all-time classic “Talk Of The Town” (a #8 hit from 16 months earlier) and the fantastic “Message Of Love” (a #11 hit from 6 months earlier). The authentic “lead single” was “Day After Day” (only #45 - jeez, come on Britain) which was followed by the album's only cover, “I Go To Sleep”, a then-unreleased Kinks song (released by Peggy Lee in 1965) giving the group a #7 UK hit in the Christmas charts. In the end up, the album was well worth the wait, the 4 classy singles being joined by excellent cuts such as the sassy “Bad Boys Get Spanked” and the snarling “Pack It Up” which cuts like a knife: “I don't like your trousers, Your appalling taste in women, And what about your mind, Your insipid record collection”. You've got to be cruel to be kind, eh?

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:55] 6.7.png Pretenders - The Adultress (Chrissie Hynde) New Wave
A2 [04:04] 7.5.png Pretenders - Bad Boys Get Spanked (Chrissie Hynde) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
A3 [03:26] 8.4.png Pretenders - Message Of Love (Chrissie Hynde) New Wave
A4 [02:55] 8.1.png Pretenders - I Go To Sleep (Ray Davies) Songwriter
A5 [04:14] 6.1.png Pretenders - Birds Of Paradise (Chrissie Hynde) Songwriter
A6 [02:45] 9.8.png Pretenders - Talk Of The Town (Chrissie Hynde) New Wave
B1 [03:50] 8.2.png Pretenders - Pack It Up (James Honeyman-Scott, Chrissie Hynde) New Wave
B2 [03:43] 6.5.png Pretenders - Waste Not Want Not (Chrissie Hynde) Reggae
B3 [03:45] 9.5.png Pretenders - Day After Day (Chrissie Hynde, James Honeyman-Scott) New Wave
B4 [05:36] 6.4.png Pretenders - Jealous Dogs (Chrissie Hynde) New Wave
B5 [04:28] 6.1.png Pretenders - The English Roses (Chrissie Hynde) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
B6 [03:30] 6.4.png Pretenders - Louie Louie (Chrissie Hynde) New Wave

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