“Frampton Comes Alive!” by Peter Frampton - album review

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TJR says

Double live album from the 25-year-old English rocker which transformed his fortunes overnight, reaching #1 in the Billboard 200, selling over 8 million copies thereby becoming the world's biggest selling album of 1976. It was also voted Album of the Year by readers of The Rolling Stone. Fueling the Stateside phenomenon were three hit singles; “Show Me The Way” (#6), “Baby, I Love Your Way” (#12) and “Do You Feel Like We Do” (#10). My favoured track, just over a minute of instrumental acoustic-folk picking, has sod all to do with the poppy rock which dominates the album.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [05:54] 2.5.png Peter Frampton - Introduction / Something’s Happening [live '75] (Peter Frampton) Rock
A2 [05:28] 2.7.png Peter Frampton - Doobie Wah [live '75] (Peter Frampton, John Headley-Down, Rick Wills) Rock
A3 [04:42] 3.4.png Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way [live '75] (Peter Frampton) Folk Rock / Americana
A4 [04:21] 2.3.png Peter Frampton - It’s A Plain Shame [live '75] (Peter Frampton) Rock
B1 [03:27] 2.9.png Peter Frampton - All I Want To Be (Is by Your Side) [live '75] (Peter Frampton) Songwriter
B2 [02:47] 1.2.png Peter Frampton - Wind Of Change [live '75] (Peter Frampton) Pop
B3 [04:43] 1.7.png Peter Frampton - Baby, I Love Your Way [live '75] (Peter Frampton) Pop
B4 [07:02] 2.3.png Peter Frampton - I Wanna Go To The Sun [live '75] (Peter Frampton) Rock
C1 [01:23] 5.1.png Peter Frampton - Penny For Your Thoughts [live '75] (Peter Frampton) Folk
C2 [05:39] 3.0.png Peter Frampton - (I’ll Give You) Money [live '75] (Peter Frampton) Rock
C3 [03:35] 3.4.png Peter Frampton - Shine On [live '75] (Peter Frampton) Rock
C4 [07:45] 3.5.png Peter Frampton - Jumpin’ Jack Flash [live '75] (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards) Rock
D1 [07:06] 2.1.png Peter Frampton - Lines On My Face [live '75] (Peter Frampton) Rock
D2 [14:15] 2.2.png Peter Frampton - Do You Feel Like We Do [live '75] (Peter Frampton, Mick Gallagher, John Siomos, Rick Wills) Rock

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