“Moving Targets” by Penetration - album review

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TJR says

With two non-album singles and a Peel session behind them, the artful County Durham group of pop-rockers / new wavers / punkers released their debut long player in October, 1978. The five-piece lined up: Pauline Murray (vocals), Fred Purser (lead guitar), Neale Floyd (guitar), Robert Blamire (bass) and Gary Smallman (drums, percussion). Guitarist Gary Chaplin (who co-wrote many of these songs) had recently departed, and was replaced by Neale Floyd. This was perceived as a blow by the punkier element of their fanbase. That said, it's Floyd's “Future Daze” which opens the set in fine style, galloping along like a champion, as the group's greatest asset, Pauline Murray, comes over as cool as Debbie Harry, with a wide range of expressions and a whole lot of energy. This excitement is maintained on “Life's A Gamble”, the album's lead (and only) single, revealing the group's new love of the power pop style. It's good, but it's clear that they're willing to take a gamble with their Punk fans loyalty. From thereon the album is fairly consistent in being decent without ever being truly thrilling. The set closes interestingly with two covers “Nostalgia” (Buzzcocks, 1978) - it wasn't a classic then and it isn't one here - and “Freemoney” (Patti Smith, 1975) which they had been playing live from their beginning; it's well done and makes perfect sense as an album closer, touching the very essence of their formula.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:05] 7.3.png Penetration - Future Daze (Neale Floyd, Pauline Murray) New Wave
A2 [02:50] 6.9.png Penetration - Life’s A Gamble (Gary Chaplin, Pauline Murray) New Wave
A3 [03:50] 6.2.png Penetration - Lovers Of Outrage (Gary Chaplin, Pauline Murray) New Wave
A4 [03:34] 6.2.png Penetration - Vision (Robert Blamire, Pauline Murray) New Wave
A5 [03:30] 6.4.png Penetration - Silent Community (Gary Chaplin, Pauline Murray) Punk
A6 [03:14] 6.3.png Penetration - Stone Heroes (Neale Floyd, Robert Blamire, Pauline Murray) Punk
B1 [03:20] 6.4.png Penetration - Movement (Robert Blamire, Pauline Murray) New Wave
B2 [03:43] 5.9.png Penetration - Too Many Friends (Robert Blamire, Pauline Murray, Fred Purser) Dubbeat
B3 [03:52] 5.7.png Penetration - Reunion (Neale Floyd, Pauline Murray) Moodcore
B4 [03:47] 5.6.png Penetration - Nostalgia (Pete Shelley) Punk
B5 [04:20] 6.8.png Penetration - Freemoney (Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye) Punk

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