“The First Lady Of Immediate” by P.P. Arnold - album review

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TJR says

The stunning lead single, “The First Cut Is The Deepest”, was written by Cat Stevens early in 1967, and he was using it to promote his songs to other artists – he saw himself as more of a songwriter than performer at this time. In the early springtime, he sold it for £30 to P.P. Arnold! Things were starting to get interesting for Patricia Arnold at this time – she had left the Ikettes behind and was looking to find her own identity. She had just signed with Andrew Oldham’s “Immediate” label, and she was surrounded by people who had the vision to aide her in realising her talent. Released as a 45 on 21st April 1967 – “The First Cut Is The Deepest” was the making of the girl! She was recognized as the “phenomenal voice of the age” and this track, lavishly orchestrated with the help of talented producer Mike Hurst, became the signature tune for the African-American. Her interpretation was up-tempo, with a soulful vocal set against harpsichord, horns, and strings. The band that was backing her at that time would later become The Nice, and featured Keith Emerson on organ and piano, David O'List on guitar, Lee Jackson on bass and Ian Hague on drums. Cat Stevens did record it later in the year on his second album “New Masters”, released in December. Of course, he and the whole world knew that the definitive version would forever lie with P.P. Arnold! The resulting album, “The First Lady Of Immediate” was a top-notch debut – those who loved the single and bought the LP would not be disappointed.

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A1 [03:19] 8.1.png P.P. Arnold - (If You Think You’re) Groovy (Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane) Soul
A2 [02:34] 6.7.png P.P. Arnold - Something Beautiful Happened (Paul Korda) Crooner / Cabaret
A3 [03:07] 7.4.png P.P. Arnold - Born To Be Together (Barry Mann, Phil Spector, Cynthia Weil) Cerebral Pop
A4 [04:34] 8.8.png P.P. Arnold - Am I Still Dreaming? (Patricia Cole) Pop
A5 [03:36] 6.1.png P.P. Arnold - Though It Hurts Me Badly (Patricia Cole) Soul
A6 [03:15] 10.0.png P.P. Arnold - The First Cut Is The Deepest (Steven Georgiou) Soul
B1 [02:58] 9.3.png P.P. Arnold - Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Andrew Oldham, David Skinner) Pop
B2 [02:55] 7.3.png P.P. Arnold - Treat Me Like A Lady (Patricia Cole) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B3 [03:01] 7.5.png P.P. Arnold - Would You Believe (Jeremy Paul) Cerebral Pop
B4 [03:49] 6.6.png P.P. Arnold - Life Is But Nothing (Andrew Rose, David Skinner) Songwriter
B5 [02:13] 6.9.png P.P. Arnold - Speak To Me (Arthur Greenslade, Mike Hurst, Andrew Oldham) Soul
B6 [02:46] 7.5.png P.P. Arnold - The Time Has Come (Paul Korda) Pop Ballad

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