“Pain In My Heart” by Otis Redding - album review

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TJR says

Soul of the deeply southern variety; shouts from the heart with a great set of musicians who feel it with the singer. Key players are: Booker T. Jones (keyboards, organ, piano); Isaac Hayes (keyboards, piano); Steve Cropper (guitar, piano); Donald Dunn (bass) and Al Jackson Jr. (drums). At this time, Otis is clearly digging on Little Richard, Solomon Burke and Sam Cooke – and he has the ability to adapt from the rasp to the croon and everywhere in between as required. The album serves as a terrific round up of the Otis recordings of 1962 and 1963, including his key singles of the period: “These Arms of Mine”, “That's What My Heart Needs”, “Security”, and the title-track. Included are 5 from his own pen, two of which, “These Arms of Mine” and “That’s What My Heart Needs” are two of the very finest on the LP, with the former towering above all others, exuding an undeniably confident superiority both musically and vocally. With that single statement alone, team Otis were laying down a mighty genre benchmark which still stands, several decades on.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:22] 8.7.png Otis Redding - Pain In My Heart (Naomi Neville) Soul
A2 [02:30] 6.6.png Otis Redding - The Dog (Rufus Thomas) Soul
A3 [02:45] 6.9.png Otis Redding - Stand By Me (Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) Soul
A4 [02:15] 6.9.png Otis Redding - Hey Hey Baby (Otis Redding) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
A5 [03:10] 6.2.png Otis Redding - You Send Me (Samuel Cook) Soul
A6 [02:45] 6.0.png Otis Redding - I Need Your Loving (Don Gardner, Clarence Lewis, James McDougal, Bobby Robinson) Soul
B1 [02:30] 10.0.png Otis Redding - These Arms Of Mine (Otis Redding) Soul Ballad
B2 [02:05] 6.8.png Otis Redding - Louie, Louie (Richard Berry) Soul
B3 [02:25] 6.4.png Otis Redding - Something Is Worrying Me (Otis Redding, Phil Walden) Soul
B4 [02:30] 6.0.png Otis Redding - Security (Otis Redding) Soul
B5 [02:35] 7.4.png Otis Redding - That’s What My Heart Needs (Otis Redding) Soul
B6 [02:25] 6.5.png Otis Redding - Lucille (Richard Penniman, Albert Collins) Soul

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