“Os Mutantes” by Os Mutantes - album review

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TJR says

In the summer of ’68, South American hipsters in the know were groovin’ to Os Mutantes (The Mutants), an adventurous trio est. 1966 in São Paulo. They absorbed the sound of the world and fed it back via Brazilian sensibilities. How much better things would be if there were more like them around the globe. The core three wrote all of the songs and were: Rita Lee (vocals, recorder, autoharp, percussion); Sérgio Dias (vocals, guitars) and Arnaldo Baptista (vocals, keyboards, bass). They were brave to be doing what they were doing – the right wing regime were out to clamp down on long- haired good-time Pedros, and members of their circle were forced to flee the country in ‘68. Like all good artistic statements, they simply had to bide their time until word got out; nearly 50 years on folks are still turning on and tuning in to this snazzy freak out.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:40] 8.1.png Os Mutantes - Panis Et Circenses (Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso) Psychedelia
A2 [04:45] 8.5.png Os Mutantes - A Minha Menina (Jorge Ben) Psychedelia
A3 [03:31] 5.9.png Os Mutantes - O Relógio (Arnaldo Baptista, Rita Lee, Sérgio Dias) Psychedelia
A4 [03:06] 6.7.png Os Mutantes - Adeus, Maria Fulô (Severino Dias de Oliveira, Humberto Teixeira) Latin
A5 [03:01] 6.9.png Os Mutantes - Baby (Caetano Veloso) Rock n Roll Ballad
A6 [02:35] 6.2.png Os Mutantes - Senhor F (Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso) Crooner / Cabaret
B1 [03:10] 6.5.png Os Mutantes - Bat Macumba (Franck Gérald, Jean Renard) Psychedelia
B2 [03:39] 5.6.png Os Mutantes - Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour (Caetano Veloso, Arnaldo Baptista, Rita Lee, Sérgio Dias) Psychedelia
B3 [03:18] 6.3.png Os Mutantes - Trem Fantasma (John Phillips, Arnaldo Baptista, Rita Lee, Sérgio Dias) Cerebral Pop
B4 [01:47] 5.5.png Os Mutantes - Tempo No Tempo (Arnaldo Baptista, Rita Lee, Sérgio Dias) Pop
B5 [03:48] 6.1.png Os Mutantes - Ave Genghis Khan (Arnaldo Baptista, Rita Lee, Sérgio Dias) Psychedelia

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