“Wild Is The Wind” by Nina Simone - album review

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TJR says

2 of the 11 get a 1966 rework - “Black Is The Colour” and “Wild Is The Wind” which had originally appeared on 1959s “At Town Hall” LP. I’m giving this the “discretionary” artistic pass (where it seems reasonable for the artist to update 1 or 2 old tracks as long as the rest of the gear is very much recorded in the now.)

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:39] 6.8.png Nina Simone - I Love Your Lovin’ Ways (Bennie Benjamin, Sol Marcus) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A2 [04:28] 6.8.png Nina Simone - Four Women (Nina Simone) Songwriter
A3 [02:52] 6.1.png Nina Simone - What More Can I Say? (Horace Ott, Made Brown Jr.) Jazz
A4 [04:16] 5.0.png Nina Simone - Lilac Wine (James Shelton) Songwriter
A5 [02:31] 4.8.png Nina Simone - That’s All I Ask (Horace Ott) Jazz
A6 [02:41] 7.4.png Nina Simone - Break Down And Let It All Out (Van McCoy) Cerebral Pop
B1 [02:37] 4.8.png Nina Simone - Why Keep On Breaking My Heart (Bennie Benjamin, Sol Marcus) Songwriter
B2 [06:59] 4.5.png Nina Simone - Wild Is The Wind (Dimitri Tiomkin, Ned Washington) Moodcore
B3 [03:28] 4.0.png Nina Simone - Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair [1966 album version] (Traditional) Moodcore
B4 [03:58] 3.7.png Nina Simone - If I Should Lose You (Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin) Moodcore
B5 [02:46] 5.7.png Nina Simone - Either Way I Lose (Van McCoy) Blues / Rhythm n Blues

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