“The First And The Last” by New Race - album review

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TJR says

This one-off-album 'supergroup', conceived to introduce Australians and Americans to each others bands, consisted of Rob Younger (ex Radio Birdman, lead vocals), Ron Asheton (ex The Stooges, guitar), Deniz Tek (ex Radio Birdman, guitar, backing vocals), Warwick Gilbert (ex Radio Birdman, bass) and Dennis Thompson (ex MC5, drums, backing vocals). The LP pools from recordings made between April and May 1981 on a tour of the Australian East Coast. The set includes songs derived from The Stooges, MC5 and Radio Birdman catalogues, as well as the members current bands. One song, “Columbia” was entirely new, written by the group especially for the tour. Unhappy with his vocals, Younger entirely re-recorded his part in the studio. Pfft. A tiresome episode all in all.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:02] 4.0.png New Race - Crying Sun [live ’81] (Warwick Gilbert, Deniz Tek) Rock
A2 [03:48] 4.0.png New Race - Haunted Road [live ’81] (Deniz Tek) Punk
B4 [03:18] 3.4.png New Race - Gotta Keep Movin’ [live ’81] (Dennis Thompson) Punk
A4 [03:10] 4.4.png New Race - Break My Heart [live ’81] (Deniz Tek) Proto-Punk
A3 [04:08] 3.3.png New Race - Sad TV [live ’81] (Deniz Tek) Rock
B1 [05:20] 5.5.png New Race - November 22, 1963 [live ’81] (Ron Asheton, Lynn Rovner) Proto-Punk
B3 [03:51] 4.3.png New Race - Love Kills [live ’81] (Deniz Tek) Rock
B2 [02:09] 3.4.png New Race - Alone In The Endzone [live ’81] (Deniz Tek) Proto-Punk
A5 [07:03] 4.3.png New Race and MC5 - Looking At You [live ’81] (Robin Tyner, Wayne Kramer, Fred Smith, Michael Davis, Dennis Thompson) Proto-Punk
B5 [04:56] 4.6.png New Race - Columbia [live ’81] (Warwick Gilbert, Deniz Tek, Ron Asheton) Proto-Punk

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