“Song Sung Blue” by Neil Diamond - album review

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TJR says

Budget compile spanning the years 1967 to 1972. Not to my taste generally, but “I Am… I Said” is a quality piece which can surely be appreciated by any music lover.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:12] 6.0.png Neil Diamond - Song Sung Blue (Neil Diamond) Songwriter
A2 [03:35] 4.7.png Neil Diamond - Until It’s Time For You To Go (Beverly Sainte-Marie) Songwriter
A3 [03:04] 4.8.png Neil Diamond - Stones (Neil Diamond) Songwriter
A4 [03:48] 5.0.png Neil Diamond - Brooklyn Roads (Neil Diamond) Folk Rock / Americana
A5 [02:57] 4.4.png Neil Diamond - Shilo (Neil Diamond) Cerebral Pop
A6 [02:58] 5.0.png Neil Diamond - Solitary Man [live] (Neil Diamond) Cerebral Pop
B1 [03:30] 8.5.png Neil Diamond - I Am… I Said (Neil Diamond) Pop Ballad
B2 [03:25] 4.3.png Neil Diamond - Captain Sunshine (Neil Diamond) Pop Ballad
B3 [02:04] 3.5.png Neil Diamond - Porcupine Pie (Neil Diamond) Pop
B4 [03:24] 5.0.png Neil Diamond - Coldwater Morning (Neil Diamond) Songwriter
B5 [02:23] 3.4.png Neil Diamond - Knackelflerg (Neil Diamond) Pop
B6 [04:35] 5.8.png Neil Diamond - Holly Holy (Neil Diamond) Cerebral Pop
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