“And You Thought You Were Normal” by Nash The Slash - album review

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TJR says

Third album in four years from the Torontonian, with the 'radio hit' “Dance After Curfew” being the best on offer. The rest is not bad, but nothing else excites if I'm being honest. The bandaged space-age new-wave warrior image is all very well, but he just can't shake his old prog tendencies. Me and Nash will always have an uneasy relationship.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:58] 5.3.png Nash The Slash - Citizen (Jeff Plewman, Toby Dammit) New Wave
A2 [03:33] 5.0.png Nash The Slash - Pretty Folks (Jeff Plewman, Toby Dammit) Electronica
A3 [03:59] 5.1.png Nash The Slash - R.S.V.P. (Jeff Plewman, Toby Dammit) Electronica
A4 [05:06] 4.5.png Nash The Slash - Vincent’s Crows (Jeff Plewman, Toby Dammit) Electronica
A5 [03:49] 6.1.png Nash The Slash - Dance After Curfew (Jeff Plewman) New Wave
B1 [03:31] 4.7.png Nash The Slash - Normal (Jeff Plewman) Electronica
B2 [04:09] 5.1.png Nash The Slash - The Hypnotist (Jeff Plewman) Electronica
B3 [02:43] 5.0.png Nash The Slash - Remember When (Jeff Plewman) Electronica
B4 [04:07] 5.6.png Nash The Slash - Animal Jamboree (Jeff Plewman) Film Score / Incidental
B5 [05:20] 4.7.png Nash The Slash - Stalker (Jeff Plewman) Electronica

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