“On Parole” by Motörhead - album review

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TJR says

Recorded 1975-1976. 5 of these 9 had already appeared on the debut LP in 1977, hence the b-list status. Never charted. Basically, this was a cash-in from UA who never had the balls to release the album first time around and the frustrated group switched to Chiswick. Said Lemmy: “United Artists were a bunch of twats in the final analysis. Yeah, they cashed in on us. We had the Bomber album out and were already big. But I don't care about these people. Record companies are a hindrance to rock 'n' roll, not a help. They dilute the real thing down to the lowest common denominator.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:57] 8.6.png Motörhead - Motörhead [1975 recording] (Ian Kilmister) Proto-Punk
A2 [05:38] 6.3.png Motörhead - On Parole [1975 recording] (Larry Wallis) Rock
A3 [02:53] 5.7.png Motörhead - Vibrator [1975 recording] (Larry Wallis, Des Brown) Proto-Punk
A4 [05:17] 4.9.png Motörhead - Iron Horse / Born To Lose [1975 recording] (Phil Taylor, Mick Brown, Guy Lawrence) Rock
B1 [03:43] 4.9.png Motörhead - City Kids [1975 recording] (Larry Wallis, Duncan Sanderson) Proto-Punk
B2 [05:35] 5.8.png Motörhead - Fools (Larry Wallis, Des Brown) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B3 [04:50] 5.3.png Motörhead - The Watcher [1975 recording] (Ian Kilmister) Rock
B4 [02:56] 5.5.png Motörhead - Leaving Here [1975 recording] (Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland) Proto-Punk
B5 [03:31] 6.4.png Motörhead - Lost Johnny [1975 recording] (Ian Kilmister, Mick Farren) Rock

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