“The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady” by Mingus - album review

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TJR says

“One of the greatest achievements in orchestration by any composer in jazz history” said Steve Huey at All Music. The hyperbole is ratcheted up to the max for this one! I’m not the world’s biggest Jazz fan but I like to have a go, and occasionally there are works which have a certain amount of appeal to my tastes. On this evidence, the upright bassist, Charles Mingus, is one artist who doesn’t seem to rile me as much as some of the other legends from his peer group. There are underlying bluesy and folky elements to the works on this set – I get a sense that I share some sort of an eclectic kindred spirit within the mind of this artist. Mingus himself has referred to the album's orchestral style as “ethnic folk-dance music”. Jazz critics have this one down as one of the finest sets that the genre has to offer. Richard Cook and Brian Morton, writers of “The Penguin Guide to Jazz”, awarded the album a “Crown” token, the publication's highest accolade, in addition to the highest four-star rating. “Noot noot” said Pingu, with a playful show of solidarity.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [06:39] 6.3.png Charles Mingus - Track A – Solo Dancer (Charles Mingus) Jazz
A2 [06:45] 6.0.png Charles Mingus - Track B – Duet Solo Dancers (Charles Mingus) Jazz
A3 [07:22] 4.7.png Charles Mingus - Track C – Group Dancers (Charles Mingus) Jazz
B [18:39] 5.8.png Charles Mingus - Track D – Trio And Group Dancers (Charles Mingus) Jazz

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