“The Mighty Quinn” by Manfred Mann - album review

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TJR says

An especially constructed LP by Mercury for the American market, reimagining the Mighty Garvey UK LP, removing and adding tracks as they saw fit.

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A1 [02:52] 9.2.png Manfred Mann - The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) (Robert Zimmerman) Folk Rock / Americana
A2 [02:27] 7.5.png Manfred Mann - Ha Ha Said The Clown (Tony Hazzard) Psychedelia
A3 [02:59] 6.1.png Manfred Mann - Every Day Another Hair Turns Grey (Mike Hugg) Folk Rock / Americana
A4 [03:22] 5.0.png Manfred Mann - It’s So Easy Falling (Mike Hugg) Pop
A5 [03:06] 5.2.png Manfred Mann - Big Betty (Huddie Ledbetter) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A6 [03:19] 4.8.png Manfred Mann - Cubist Town (Tom McGuinness) Pop
B1 [02:55] 4.0.png Manfred Mann - Country Dancing (Mike d’Abo) Pop
B2 [02:37] 5.8.png Manfred Mann - Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James (John Carter, Geoff Stephens) Pop
B3 [02:18] 3.9.png Manfred Mann - The Vicar’s Daughter (Mike d’Abo) Pop
B4 [02:55] 4.0.png Manfred Mann - Each And Every Day (Mike Hugg) Pop
B5 [03:07] 4.1.png Manfred Mann - No Better, No Worse (Mike d’Abo) Cerebral Pop

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