“Pitsa Tse Kgolo” by Mahotella Queens - album review

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TJR says

“Pitsa Tse Kgolo” (“The Big Pot”) is the title of the LP, intended as a tribute to team Gallo-Mavuthela and their big melting pot of music. It's sung in the Northern Sotho / Pedi tongue, the 5th most spoken language in South Africa. (They would soon also release a Zulu language album, “Ezesimanje”, in this year.) Recorded late in 1981, ubiquitous producer Marks Mankwane was at the helm, with his latest recruits, The Beggers, featuring himself on guitar (who better?) and Mzwandile David on bass. At this time the Mahotella Queens were: Beatrice Ngcobo, Emily Zwane, Virginia Teffo, Sinah Thibedi, Maggie Khumalo and Caroline Kapentar. There's a lot of quality action on side one, with a strong one-two opening of “Ditaba Tse Monate” (sung/penned by Virginia Teffo) which bounces on that familiar 'Double Dutch' riddim and the too-cool-for-skool “Tate Nswarele”, a laid back beauty. Having the ladies sing their own compositions has long since been a trait on their LPs and such is the case with the latter, co-composed by tenor singer Sinah Thibedi together with male soul vocalist Willie Rasebotsa (although he doesn't actually sing on this album). In keeping with the tongue in which the record is sung, “Lebowa Le Legolo” celebrates the North of the country, closing side one splendidly. The LP was very well received in the intended marketplace, so much so that a Pedi follow-up, “Tsa Lebowa” was delivered before the year was out.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:32] 7.2.png Mahotella Queens - Ditaba Tse Monate (Virginia Teffo) Africana
A2 [03:16] 7.4.png Mahotella Queens - Tate Nswarele (Sinah Thibedi, Willie Rasebotsa) Africana
A3 [03:16] 6.3.png Mahotella Queens - Ba Mphuraletse (Virginia Teffo) Africana
A4 [03:39] 6.9.png Mahotella Queens - O Somela Byalwa (Virginia Teffo) Africana
A5 [02:50] 7.2.png Mahotella Queens - Lebowa Le Legolo (Rupert Bopape, Virginia Teffo) Africana
B1 [03:15] 7.2.png Mahotella Queens - Makako A Monna (Rupert Bopape, Marks Mankwane) Africana
B2 [03:01] 6.9.png Mahotella Queens - Ditshaba Matona (Rupert Bopape, Emily Zwane) Africana
B3 [03:26] 6.2.png Mahotella Queens - Ekwang Hle (Virginia Teffo) Africana
B4 [03:05] 4.2.png Mahotella Queens - Dikgupa Marama (Virginia Teffo) Soul
B5 [03:29] 3.8.png Mahotella Queens - Koko (Virginia Teffo) Soul Ballad
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