“Play Mas’ With Kitch” by Lord Kitchener - album review

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TJR says

Opens up with “Miss Tourist”, the song which would win him the coveted top song award at the Carnival Road March in 1968. Lord Kitchener won the road march competition ten times between 1963 and 1976, more often than any other calypsonian. Best cut “The Wrecker” (released as the b-side to “Miss Tourist”) bemoans the spate of joy-rider crimes sweeping the island. It features some nice steel drums, albeit lowdown in the mix. Snazzy orchestration with some neat steel drum is a recurring feature of the LP, exemplified on “No Hurricane In Trinidad” which claims that Trinidad offers a safer destination than some of it's neighbours. It's all about the mountains apparently!

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:02] 6.1.png Lord Kitchener - Miss Tourist (Aldwyn Roberts) Caribbean
A2 [04:31] 6.3.png Lord Kitchener - Mama Have Papa Have (Aldwyn Roberts) Caribbean
A3 [03:31] 6.5.png Lord Kitchener - The Wrecker (Aldwyn Roberts) Caribbean
A4 [03:45] 5.5.png Lord Kitchener - Come Back Molly (Aldwyn Roberts) Caribbean
A5 [03:46] 5.3.png Lord Kitchener - Big Belly Woman (Aldwyn Roberts) Caribbean
B1 [03:44] 6.3.png Lord Kitchener - No Hurricane In Trinidad (Aldwyn Roberts) Caribbean
B2 [04:41] 6.0.png Lord Kitchener - Best Things In Life Are Free (Aldwyn Roberts) Caribbean
B3 [03:34] 6.0.png Lord Kitchener - Who Tell Me Man (Aldwyn Roberts) Caribbean
B4 [03:15] 5.1.png Lord Kitchener - The Handyman (Aldwyn Roberts) Caribbean
B5 [03:46] 5.7.png Lord Kitchener - Mazican (Aldwyn Roberts) Caribbean

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